the squatty potty



This miraculous bathroom accessory got its start on Shark Tank and is a true game changer. My mom got one for herself last year and while I was home for Hanukkah I got to take it for a test drive. I was sold.

Turns out, our toilets are not setting us up for success -- something to do with recto-anal alignment. Although the toilet was a step forward in terms of sanitation, it was a setback in terms of best pooping posture. Toilets force us into a seated position that pinches the colon, making it harder for poop to pass through. The squatty potty is essentially a foot stool that guides you into a semi-squatting position that 'unkinks the colon', and sets you up for success. 

Shop around, Squatty Potties come in some sleek designs. 

If the Squatty Potty doesn't fit in your budget/decor/tiny apartment bathroom, I've got some alternatives for you (tested and approved by me):



(p.s. a post on toilet paper ratings to come)


My mom reminded me last night that the Squatty Potty is also available in a super convenient inflatable model. Nothing like bathroom floatie to claim your ground in an office poop stand-off. A true power move. 

Whether at home or the office, if you feel backed up I urge you to try some of these options and see what happens. It's a subtle shift, but really makes a world of a difference. 

The next few posts will be a brief break from poop, and then I will be back with emergency situation solutions (emergency as in you have not pooped in over a week and are in pain -- I've been there and I gotchu). In the meantime, DRINK SO MUCH WATER, throw a trash can under your feet, and ask your doctor about one of those fun nā€™ fibrous powders.