Happy Women's History Month! To celebrate, I wanted to share a personal lady project I've been working on:

#mightymenstruation is a series of portraits celebrating wildly impactful women throughout history and the fact that they got their periods too. Periods are a life force, not a monthly occurrence that turns us into unproductive, unhinged, or unreliable human beings. This is not to discount the immense pain cramps can bring, or the random tears, or the strong cravings because those are all very real things. What I am saying is that some crazy shit happens inside us once a month, but we fucking power through and can do anything -- even while bleeding


When I was younger, one of my grandmothers gifted me a book on Frida Kahlo and commented that I looked a bit like her. At 10 years old, I thought 'crap, I hate this unibrow' and 'how bad would it be to just straight up shave my sideburns'. Now of course I'm incredibly flattered. 


This project has also made me think a lot about how women's relationships with periods have evolved (or devolved) over time. I have a separate post in the works on this topic, but something to think about in the meantime. If you have particular thoughts or points on that, leave a comment!