the crowning tampon

One morning on the second day of my period, I woke up energized and ready to start the day with a bootcamp class at my gym. I loaded up with a fresh new tampon and off I went.


The class was tough but I was having a great time, and was incredibly proud of myself for moving while crampy and goopy. This bliss was short-lived. All of sudden -- mid-burpee -- I felt something release.


It was my tampon. My fresh tampon had exited my vagina. She was free. She was out.

Luckily, my leggings were full-length and caught it safely. Can you imagine if I had worn shorts that day?! The tampon would have crowned. Crowned and peeked her little head out to the world.

I ran to the bathroom to deal with this betrayal, stunned. What an incredibly short life my Playtex Sport lived.