tampax pearl is satan


For real, how is the product still selling?! 

Look, I don't expect much from tampons. I'm not sitting there thinking that as I shove/slip/gently insert a wad of cotton into my vagina it'll feel like a hug. I know I'm not in for a sweet sensation. But it's 2018 and there is no reason a tampon should:

  • expand into a rectangular shape (it has gotten very stuck inside me multiple times)
  • hurt upon insertion
  • fight its way out of me each time -- yes, shame on me for even using this trash tampon multiple times, but it is ironically the tampon my office chooses to stock. No matter how deep in there I think I get this tricky beast, it rears it's ugly head. As in the tip of it slowly creeps towards the opening of my vagina. 
  • have claws

Why does Tampax Pearl exist and why is it still sold? Sorry Tampax, I'm a Playtex gal.