period products roundup i.

We've all been Goldilocks when it comes to period products -- testing out different methods, brands and makes until we find the tampon/cup/underwear/or fuck it solution that is just right.

*would like to make clear here that access to period products -- although taxed in some states -- is still (appallingly) a privilege. Bustle compiled a list of incredible organizations that provide menstrual products to those in need. Take a look and donate!

During my first few years of periods, I was a tried and true pad gal. Tampons were a no. This move was most-likely due to a particularly unforgettable moment at camp: a friend removing a ring recently bought on a day trip to then fish a tampon out of someone in a bathroom stall with the help of a flashlight (more on these intimate and powerful and hilarious and perfect moments of female friendship to come -- if you have a story you'd like to share email me!

I asked Cheeky readers to share their favorite period products, up first:


cheeky readers shared:


I'm allergic to the rayon blends they use in a lot of popular tampon brands and it use to give me such vaginal trauma/discomfort every period. These are great because they are 100% cotton, organic and minimize waste (hello, fingers as applicators!). Plus the applicator version is more expensive and ain't nobody got $$ for that.


I may be a minority here, but I LOVE tampax pearl. I have always been grossed out by the idea of cardboard - I need something STURDY. My periods have always been pretty heavy/long and leakage occures more often than not. The super plus have always been sturdy, realiable, and the plastic (while it hurts sometimes) makes me feel like its going where it needs to be. Open to trying new things but why abandon a good friend?


I love the packaging, I love how small the tampons are when they're in the bag and I get a nice audible cue when I click the tampon open, knowing that it's ready to go. Also they don't do that weird wing expanding when they're in, the shape is what you see is what you get and they fit perfectly.


These don't have applicators and I know a lot of people think its gross to have to stick your fingers up your vagina yourself but WHO CARES! You have to wash your hands anyway. I like them because I feel like I'm helping save the world with a little less plastic/cardboard each time I put one in, and tampons are tinyyyyy sans applicators so they would fit seamlessly into my bra when I walked from my desk to the office bathroom.


I like my tampons like I like my berries: organic if they are affordable and if they are not affordable, oh well.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOLA tampons - they were the first that did 100% organic cotton and have been major girl power trailblazers with their first period box too. It’s a subscription box that you can super customize and they have a whole suite of products now.


This is wild to say, but these tampons feel like a hug to my vagina -- a Cinderella moment if you will, finding the perfect fit. They also come in scented, but this concerns be terribly and I will not be testing those out.

Stay tuned for cups + more!