video round-up

Taking a break from my usual to share two videos that caught my attention this week:

george brassens - les passantes

This LOVELY video by Charlotte Abramow was introduced to me by a new instagram friend @coeur_de_reine (who is in this piece!). 

I am SO grateful to have connected and that she shared this wonderful project with me. Per Clémence's recommendation, I've included the translation of this poem -- which she tells me was the inspiration for the visuals. 

Translation (from vimeo link)

1 – I want to devote this poem
To all the women we love
For just a few secret moments
Those we barely know
Those a different destiny is dragging away
Those we will never find again

2 – To the one we see appear
For one second at her window
And who swiftly wanes
But whose svelte silhouette
Is so gracious and so frail
That it keeps you fulfilled

3 – To the travel companion
Whose eyes, such a charming passage,
Make the journey seem short
Whom we are perhaps the only one to understand
But still let (her) walk down
Without even gently touching her hand

4 – To those who are already taken
And who, while living dark hours
Next to a being too different,
Have in useless folly
Let you see the melancholy
Of a future full of despair

5 – Dear merely glimpsed images
Ye disappointed hopes for a day
Tomorrow you will be forgotten
If ever happiness comes our way
It is rare for us to remember
These episodes on the way

6 – But if one has wasted his life
He dreams with a bit of envy
About these merely glimpsed delights
About the kisses he dared not make
About the hearts which much still be waiting
About the eyes he has never seen again

7 – So, in the nights of weariness
As he crowds his loneliness
With the ghosts of memories
He weeps for absent lips
Of all these beautiful passers-by
Whom he could not hold up

Thank you for sharing, Clémence!

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