period poops

Pooping is never guaranteed for me. There's a particular balance of food/exercise/magic/water intake/metamucil scoops that I'm still working to perfect.

There is, however, one scenario in which I can rely on at least two poops a day: when I'm on my period.


I bless these poops with all my heart. A true gift. Period poops add a little mess to an already messy situation but I'm deeply thrilled they happen.

But of course this whole womanhood thing throws a curveball and says, ok I'll throw you a bone with this menstruation situation. I will guarantee you some healthy poops, but at a price. The price is all of your tampons.

Anytime I go to poop with a tampon in, I know I'll need to have another one on hand, ready to tap in, whether I'm needing to change it out or not. Pushing to get out the poops launches tampons from my vagina, out into the toilet bowl (I've grown to expect this so now I'm prepared, hand suspended above the water, toilet paper in hand, ready to catch the deposited cotton wad).

*Does this happen with diva cups too? Please comment if you've got intel on this.