emergency situation

As promised! For those of you in a very bleak, grid-locked poop situation, there are two laxatives I swear by (presented in order of which you should reach for first).


It's gentle, natural, and works overnight. Plus, it comes in a variation of flavors -- personally, I find the chocolate appallingly awful and like the chamomile but try 'em out. There were times when taking four hardcore laxative pills would not get me going, but Smooth Move did. Go figure.

I had a mouse problem in my apartment earlier this winter. At one point, I found an insane amount of droppings in a corner of my cabinet -- along with a packet of Smooth Move that had been chewed at the corner. Just fyi.

*The mouse issue has been resolved. I sadly (but also proudly) killed two mice.


When you do need a no frills laxative


At one (very low) point, I was taking laxatives multiple times a week. This is actually pretty bad for you -- probably obvious but figured I'd throw that out there. Your body should be able to poop on its own. It a matter of figuring out the special combination of routines that support this incredibly important function. These laxatives are meant to be a nudge when you really are uncomfortable.

More small habits I try and keep up with to stay regular (diet and otherwise) are on the way!