poop at the oscars

Along with most people, this was my favorite moment of the Oscars Sunday night:


1. maya is iconic


2. a staple outfit

I know these comments are all fashion-leaning, but I mean these more as a way to call attention to women being comfortable. Taking heels off (or just never wearing them period), sticking with something you know you like, removing the stress.

Tiffany's move to wear the same dress for the third time speaks to me. When I first came to the city 5 years ago, I got into the online dating game. Yes, I have been using apps on and off for 5 years. I am ok. To help tackle the nerves that come with this territory, I appointed a first date dress. Dates are stressful enough as they are and I wanted one less thing to obsess over. Typically, one of the following scenarios occurs during the work day before the date

  • I irrationally decide that what I am wearing is awful and needs to change immediately. This realization leads to me to rush home and change or tear through the nearest Urban Outfitters, sweating.
  • I think I can handle cheese that day but I can't. I bloat and now my jeans are way too tight and I can't sit.
  • The fabric I am wearing reacts bizarrely to sweat and smells chemical-ey and bad -- pit stains growing by the second.

I decided I had enough, and came up with the solution to bypass the insanity.


I highly recommend this little trick, it has saved me so much time/mental space. 

3. poop at the oscars

I couldn't find this particular clip of their bit (COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT), but Tiffany and Maya discussed pee and poop on stage. At the Oscars. Granted, they were referencing their characters, but still. That's a step. 

This scene will always get me. It brought me, my mom, and sisters so much joy when we first saw it and remains one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. What can I say, give me poop + female friendship and we got ourselves a winner.