happy birthday, lizzo!


Lizzo is magic. Her work is incredibly smart, empowering, and I just cannot get enough. It's girl power, self love, and badass. Her music makes me love myself and walk down the street like a crazy person.

I once walked from 83rd and 1st to Union Square listening to Water Me on repeat. Shameless power walking with some singing and hand motions thrown in. This is what Lizzo makes me do.

One night I listened to this for 2 hours on repeat while I drank a glass of wine in preparation for a Tinder date. Because it made me feel beautiful I felt the need to document. I proceeded to Snapchat myself drinking wine and dancing in my living room. I spilled the wine everywhere, made a mess.

Coconut Oil is just beautiful and LIZZO IS THE FLUTIST IN THE BEGINNING.


And I leave you with this