period essentials

my go-tos for a happier period:

cheeky readers' period pick-me-ups:

Thank you so much to all who passed along their soothing tips. I've definitely been inspired!

  • making homemade chocolate and licking half the bowl, and impatiently waiting for it to set to eat the other half - after this post will be heading to the grocery store for brownie mix. licking the bowl is LUXURIOUS.
  • Honey Mustard and Onion Snyder's Pieces + Toblerone chocolate - HONEY MUSTARD PIECES, I FORGOT ABOUT THOSE.
  • long soak in the bath with a Lush bath bomb and glass of red wine (usually malbec or pinot noir). BUT no mixing alcohol with Midol/Tylenol! - I've never tried out bath bombs! now on my list :)
  • Letting myself fall apart, take nap, and do absolutely nothing productive on the worst day - this is SO KEY. thank you!
  • Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups; iced almond milk lattes; sitting in the sunshine; walks; steam room at the gym; fun workout playlists and classes; watching silly tv shows
  • Aleve, a plug in heating pad, and a glass of wine with dinner
    craving: fried chicken and brownies - again, I NEED brownies now. 
  • circular heating pad, Ghirardelli caramel milk chocolate
  • staying in, half a glass of wine, brownie, shitty tv and heating pad
  • Ce-tua hot and cold gel pack
  • peppermint essential oil, magnesium for cramps, DIY rice heat pack, face masks for hormonal acne, sometimes a corset for the pressure on my lower abdomen - this corset must be a similar feeling to the pillow I rest on my stomach!