deodorant trial and error

I am a very sweaty person. Always have been, and always will be. I distinctly remember the moment when pit stains became a daily annoyance/embarrassment. In eighth grade, I was in a school play (to be clear: I was the lead in my middle school's production of Mary Poppins. Being a Jewish day school the play was performed entirely in Hebrew and Mary became Miri. Miri Poppins).  During rehearsals I was often preoccupied with the fact that when I raised my arms, two large pit stains would be revealed. I started brainstorming ideas to combat these little puddles. The best solution I found at the time was to line my shirts with toilet paper or paper towels

Needless to say, this did not work that great. Additionally, there were times when my DIY linings would slip out of my sleeves, leaving a little trail of rolled up toilet paper in my wake (this once happened with period toilet paper -- to be discussed later). 

Next approach: scavenge my parents' bathroom for a more workable solution. The result: Gilette men's deodorant, courtesy of my dad (he was unaware I used his).

This wasn't my favorite since it smelled like cologne and kind of lumped me in with the Axe body spray abuse that was currently being committed by the boys in my class. However, it did introduce me to the idea that perhaps I just needed a different deodorant!

In the meantime, I found that wearing TechWick shirts from EMS or REI really did the trick. I wore those shirts everyday in high school. Was always ready for ski trip. Got them in a nice range of colors -- sky blue, a nice plum, a lime-ish green, and of course classic black. 

My deodorant aisle findings:


Still looking for the one. Will be spending the summer testing out a range of natural deodorants. Will have an update come Fall!